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Roll of Honour

From September 1914 right through to 1919 the Parish Churches of St Lawrence (Abbots Langley) and All Saints (Kings Langley) both maintained a Roll of Honour of those serving in the Great War. At St Lawrence the Vicar, Arthur Parnell, requested that the names of those serving be recorded in a register held at the Church, and each month the names were printed in the Parish Magazine. For Abbots Langley the detailed records were maintained from September 1914 to September 1916. From then the Magazine only recorded new additions to the Services each month, but printed a full list of those serving each January and a final Roll of Honour at the end of the War in December 1918. The reason given was that it was becoming more difficult to obtain paper and ink for the Magazine as the War progressed and supplies became more scarce. In Kings Langley, although the Parish Magazine sporadically recorded some of those serving in the early months of the War a full list was not published until November 1915, and then each month until November 1916, when it ceased altogether, and reverted to irregular notations of individuals serving King and Country.

In the early days of the War the information listed is very basic, and a person may just be listed as “in the Army”. Many recruits may have enlisted but at that point not been mobilised and attached to a specific unit. As the months go by the details of battalion number, regiment and rank are listed. For some men these details change as the person changed status or unit, but for others their record remains unchanged throughout the War. There may also have been a time lag between the Church being informed of a change and being able to publish the information, and the change actually taking place, so whilst the information provides an excellent record, it must be checked against other records for accuracy, but at times is the only information that exists for a specific person.

Sadly the Roll of Honour Registers have not survived and similar Parish Records are not available for Hunton Bridge and the men on the Langleybury War Memorial at St Paul’s Church.

The Project is planning to re-create the Rolls of Honour, with additional information for each person added from the Project research. Details will start to be added to this web-site in the coming years.




Bell tolled on 100th anniversary of each death

St Lawrence Church

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